New student orientation was filled with a lot of things today. Included in the festivities was some of the most poorly paced worship songs I’ve ever had to sing. Why some people feel the need to speed up classic worship songs or to add random three second pauses in the middle of lines is beyond me.

Doing some light reading before classes start next week

Doing some light reading before classes start next week

Haircut game is strong

Haircut game is strong




I remember when people went to religion for truth, not comfort and good feelings. If I wanted comfort, I could get it in a pecan pie, among other things.

Faith is not dependent on Feelings.

“I didn’t go to religion to make me happy. I always knew a bottle of Port would do that. If you want a religion to make you feel really comfortable, I certainly don’t recommend Christianity.” –C. S. Lewis

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People who want the experience of religion without any of the faith bother me.


Anonymous asked: The LDS/ Mormon Church is the only one in which in I have found true belief in anything. Maybe it has it's problems, but so does every faith. I have found a testimony in Christ and am living as better person. How can that be so bad?

Christ makes it clear there is only one way. If you are not on it then that would be so bad.



More people should preach five minute sermons.


More people should preach 45-60 minute sermons. 5 minutes is not even a snack and a pastor needs to feed his people. 


My wife’s mom has lupus and raises money every year for the Lupus Foundation of America. They fund research to find a cure and better treatment for the disease. I will be reblogging this periodically until the deadline which is in September. If you would like to support her and the fight to end lupus the donation page can be found hereThank you!

There are 50 days left to the deadline and my wife’s mother is about halfway to her goal. If you are able to donate that would be awesome and 100% goes to the foundation 

My wife got her hair cut today. Donated 11 inches to locks of love.

My wife got her hair cut today. Donated 11 inches to locks of love.

Working a double tomorrow(tuesday) but I am off Wednesday. Will attempt writing then. 

Saw Capt. 2 with the neighbors tonight at the $2.25 theater. That was fun.

apparently gender roles are relevant again right now so I might try and write that post I mentioned

Wrote a great post on complementarianism/egalitarianism last night but it was in my head while I was in bed so now it’s mostly gone. Had to do with egalitarianism claiming complementarianism is trying to be egalitarian but egalitarianism is actually just stealing from complementarianism.
So yeah, maybe more in that later


Call me old fashioned, but I think that when Paul tells men that they are to love their wives as Christ loved his church, that includes not only self-sacrificial love, but also leading them in wisdom and spiritual truth.

A science joke



Why can’t you trust atoms?

They make up everything :3

Heard a good sermon today from a professor of Old Testament at my seminary. Really liked the church even though it’s a lot more affluent and a lot less diverse than we have been looking for. I am looking to sit under good preaching while I’m here and today was a good start.

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