Working a double tomorrow(tuesday) but I am off Wednesday. Will attempt writing then. 

Saw Capt. 2 with the neighbors tonight at the $2.25 theater. That was fun.

apparently gender roles are relevant again right now so I might try and write that post I mentioned

Wrote a great post on complementarianism/egalitarianism last night but it was in my head while I was in bed so now it’s mostly gone. Had to do with egalitarianism claiming complementarianism is trying to be egalitarian but egalitarianism is actually just stealing from complementarianism.
So yeah, maybe more in that later


Call me old fashioned, but I think that when Paul tells men that they are to love their wives as Christ loved his church, that includes not only self-sacrificial love, but also leading them in wisdom and spiritual truth.

A science joke



Why can’t you trust atoms?

They make up everything :3

Heard a good sermon today from a professor of Old Testament at my seminary. Really liked the church even though it’s a lot more affluent and a lot less diverse than we have been looking for. I am looking to sit under good preaching while I’m here and today was a good start.

So I’m back at the mall and I just played “follow the teenage white girl to Starbucks”.
Sometimes stereotypes can help you


Secret Church: Family, Marriage, Sex, and the Gospel - Part 1 by David Platt

This is really good and there is three more hours to it after this one. Here is the PDF companion to it.  


the scary thing about dating is that you are either going to marry that person or break up

Which is exactly why dating takes some maturity. Instead we got all theses kids running around acting a fool.

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I’m starting Hebrew this semester. That’s pretty darn exciting.

I’ve got 2 hours of free time until I pick up my wife from work so I’m reading. And talking to Andrew Dixon about God’s sovereignty and all that jazz.

My post a few days ago was obviously antagonistic but we do need to be praying for the people in the LDS Church. It is an organization that has spent more than 100 years actively trying to turn people away from Christianity because they believe Christianity lost it’s way. Following a false Christ is no Christ at all.

It’s 2014 and people still think the LDS church is part of Christianity.

Gender roles as Scripture depicts them are not nearly as binding as the cultural definition that is seen as oppressive. This has lead to somewhat of a straw maning of the biblical gender roles. What the popular culture wants you to believe is that gender roles are two specific and rigid boxes that a man and woman must fit in to. Commonly depicted as 1950’s stereotype.
This objection of gender roles fails to realize what went on in the 1950’s does not define how the Bible teaches gender roles. I would argue that Scripture teaches a much more fluid(and complete) concept of gender roles than the typical anti-gender role argument says it does.

Church with Kevin Sheth and Liz

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